General Dental Examination and Consultation

  • Dental Examinations and reporting: on presenting conditions and remedies.

Periodontal Health. (infection status and risk at gums and supporting bone)

Dental Decay; fissure (groove decay), between teeth, root decay, redecay around existing restorations.

Erosion and tooth wear from Buxing.

Soft tissue abnormalities and queries.

Forcast of likely future treatment needs.

Preventive advice to keep your teeth for life.

General dental treatments
  • Hygiene: Plaque removal to manage gingivitis. Descaling and stain removal
  • Periodontal: Diagnosis and management of more serious diseases of the gums and ligaments that support your teeth.
  • Cosmetic restorations: Our range is extensive; Bonded composites and Various laboratory made ceramics.(australian laboratories)
  • Refirbishment: Extending the life of eroded, decaying teeth and degraded restorations.


Diagnosis of symptoms including:

  • sensitivity to hot/cold
  • Tenderness to biting pressure
  • Tooth ache.
  • Referred pain
  • Temporomandibular joint pain, dysfunction.
  • Facial pain
  • Myofacial pain dysfuction.
  • Occlusion derived pain (pain from the bite of the teeth)


This is a detailed process and every enquiring patient deserves to know and see:

 See your smile the way everyeone sees it not just yourself. Images of your smile can be displayed for commentary of treatment options. 

ALL modern treatment options and alternatives should be presented. There may be some very cost effective options available for you to opt-into or out depending on individual circumstances.

Know what is involved in treatments down to the minute detail. A lot of effort goes into delivering the right advice and care so why can’t you know?

PROCESS: Multiple alternatives will be presented that suit you best. Often initial discussions canvasing alternatives will be put to the patient to consider. When further interest is shown by the patient records will be taken including photographs, impressions for modeling of the teeth, and a further analysis will be undertaken.

MYTH: porcelain veneers deliver better results.

Many of my patients including those that are dentists would argue that this is not always the case. Individual assessments may mean Cosmetic composite veneers offer many advantages without compromising on excellent aesthetics. Perhaps this is the reason many Dentists themselves opt for Composite veneers.

GUM LIFTS: Gum positioning outline and symmetry pose a significant role in a glamorous smile. Each case is different and your assessment will be easiest demonstrated via photographs of your smile analysed and presented to you.

ORTHODONTICS: Often this is overlooked by patient and dentist alike. When a smile is enhanced by correcting simple orthodontic problems prior to cosmetic procedures the results can be astounding and life changing.


From intervention orthodontics in the developing child (the earliest examination is very important) to adult treatment is available. Extensive training and experience while in Dr Maloof’s care, will deliver advantages to you by a”single clinic attendance” at the place you have come to know and trust. Of course we encourage advice from multiple specialists.

Demonstrtions of many treated cases will be used to showcase our skill and extensive written reporting prior to any treatments will evaluate any particular limitations to manage expectations and an offer for specialist referral will always be made. Not every case will be treated in this office but only after evaluation.


Using the Operating Microscope, with experience in modern techniques, the latest equipment and instruments, and membership of the Australian Society of Endodontology places Dr Maloof in a good position to offer tooth saving procedures

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