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Advice that serves your interest

Receive advise that is outcome focused so that you are in control of your treatment plan.

  • Treatments are categorized by:

1. pain management.

2. Treatment for Active decay

3. Preventive management to halt the process of ongoing decay

4. Prosthetics and cosmetics treatment.


  • There is always more that one treatment option, procedure and material choice.
  • Successful treatments alternatives will be proposed and it will astound you to know that even straight forward treatments well performed and designed can save your dentition without prohibitive costs.
  • Staging your treatment goals can be planned to pace your long term treatment plan after initial treatment concerns are met.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Did you know that many families are eligible for General dental treatment under the CDBS dental scheme.
Up to $1000 can be used for dental treatment for children aged from 2 to 17 years.

Earlwood Dental Services is structured to provide this service bulk billed to eligible families.

Benefits are not payable for:

1. Orthodontic corrections.

2. Cosmetic dentistry

3. Treatments performed in a hospital.


Treatment can be provided by a registered dental health practitioner (Dentist or Oral Health Practitioner).

According to press releases there is still a lack of knowledge of this scheme within our community. Preventive Dentisty WORKS! Save your children from unnecessary dental problems with an appointment today.
When call ing for an appointment PLEASE ADVISE THE STAFF THAT YOUR TREATMENT IS A CDBS APPOINTMENT and a confirmation of your eligibility will be undertaken to save you financial hassles!

Keep your teeth for life!

You may not realise it but it takes effort to keep your teeth for life. We specialise in High Quality care. That means Our checkups are thorough! We include dietary councelling, hygiene advice and provide a detailed report.

HaveĀ a checkup under the Operating microscope and you will be amazed at the effort and detail provided in your care. We specialise in providing High Quality care at affordable fees.